Weight loss without dieting or exercise

It drives me crazy to be so fixated on calorie counting and doing out. I have frequently pondered the possibility that there might be alternative approaches to weight loss besides adhering to a diet and engaging in physical activity.

Weight loss without dieting or exercise
Weight loss without dieting or exercise

When I was following certain diets, I ended up with nutritional deficiencies, and when I was exercising, I ended up hurting my muscles. Now then, let me share with you some of the tips and tricks I picked up along the way.

Eating slowly

This is one of the most effective yet underutilized strategies for weight loss. If you chew your food very slowly and take your time eating a smaller piece over a longer period of time, you will experience satiety more quickly. The scientific community agrees that if you consume a modest portion for fifteen to twenty minutes, your brain will get the message that it has to stop eating.

Focus on food when eating

I am a big fan of over-the-top (OTT) media, and during the pandemic, I binge-watched a lot of it. However, as a consequence of this, I found myself eating more food than was necessary. I wasn’t paying attention to what was on my plate since I was so engrossed in the show, which is in no way good for my health.


Eggs, chicken, pork ribs, and Greek yogurt are just a few of the sources of protein that I make sure to incorporate into my diet on a regular basis. I even went back for a third helping if I thought I needed it. Simply said, protein causes you to feel fuller for a longer period of time.

Include foods with fiber

It is possible to reduce the desire to eat by a significant amount if you combine the consumption of protein and fiber. Additionally, it will help keep your abdominal muscles in form.

Remove unhealthy snacks from public view

Every other day, restock your refrigerator and snack drawers with nutritious foods and beverages. Make hummus and stock vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, and beets. Consume some leafy greens, and make a homemade dressing that’s good for you. Maintain a supply of sprouts, and always have Greek yogurt on hand.

Avoid sugary beverages

Although I am not a huge lover of diet Coke because I am aware that it is not particularly beneficial for us, I believe that it is preferable to select one of several sugary and unhealthy beverages if one is forced to make a choice. The least of two evils, if you will. Or, the ideal option is to get some lemon water or coconut water to drink at home.

Two glasses of water 20 minutes before eating

It’s possible that many dietitians will argue against it, but I can say from personal experience that it’s helped me. Because I become queasy if I eat more than I need to, drinking water before a meal helps me control my portion sizes and keeps me from eating more than I need.

Establish a sleep routine

We are all now aware of the significance of getting sufficient sleep. Therefore, establish a time for bedtime that cannot be changed, and refrain from using electronic devices at least half an hour before that time. Do not touch the screen; instead, pick up a book, write something, or put on some music that calms you down.

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