10 Best short Poem on health is wealth in English for class 1, 2, 3, etc. 2022

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Since we were children, we have been hearing about this topic. During our school years, perhaps we all wrote essays about this topic. Did we understand it correctly? Most of us would say yes. It is just as important to understand this topic, in addition to implementing it.

Practically speaking, we should take care of our health so that it becomes a source of wealth for us. Having good health will help us grow, progress, and develop all around. Here are a few things you should know about good health.

10 Best short Poem on health is wealth in English for class 1, 2, 3, etc. 2022

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What is Good Health

Quite simply, we can say that good health is good for our lives, while bad health is bad for our lives. Nobody is surprised by this fact. As a rule, most people are born with good health, rarely with bad health.

We all need to improve and maintain our health no matter what the condition is. It is important to know our health status regularly. Regular health checkups are therefore essential.

The most precious and costly gift of this life is good health. Having good health is like receiving a blessing from God. Having good health is essential for living a meaningful life. Being healthy keeps us happy throughout our lives. Our sense of well-being is not just physical, but mental, social, and intellectual as well.

We are not prone to illnesses and health problems when we are in good health. If one does not have good health (as a result of not being healthy), then he will suffer from health-related issues. This is his responsibility alone.

It is possible that he will have to be hospitalized, bedridden, or live under restrictions and medication instead of enjoying life.

When we are healthy, we can live a normal life and work for a long time without becoming fatigued. Being healthy is like having real money. Having good health enables us to earn good wealth at any time, but we can never regain good health in life.

We cannot regain health once it is destroyed, no matter how much money we spend. To understand the definition of health, let’s look at some examples.

10 Best short Poem on health is wealth in English

1: Poem on Health is wealth for class 1

What is the point of being wealthy?

If you are not healthy?

The first thing you spend your money on is eating.

Your body begins heating.

It’s not your ball that gets kicked;

The team you are on does not get picked.

You won’t become wealthy by eating healthy;

You’ll live a long life, but you’ll have a healthy life span;

Until you are old and tan.

Therefore, my dear friend,

Maintain good hygiene to live with a healthy gene.

Get rid of junk food; so you don’t get a spink.

Get up before it’s too late,

Otherwise, you won’t wake up.

I love you, friend! I will not let you down! No words will be spoken.

Getting some sleep will prevent you from going deep.

Keep hygienic, and don’t panic.

Live long, eat light, and do right.

2: Health is wealth poem

Despite not being rich, I am still wealthy.

Since I was a young child, I have largely been healthy.

As for my form of wealth,

I reside in my health.

God has been so kind to me,

He has made it possible for me to be healthy.

I shoot in the 70s when it comes to golf.

My running speed is faster than most.

I am capable of diving from high aloft.

As far as my health is concerned, I can boast.

There are so many people suffering from pain and other troubles.

Despite this, I don’t need the tiny bubbles.

I don’t need champagne to celebrate,

In the end, my health is my wealth, this is my fate.

Being healthy is a joy.

I am 68 years old, but I still feel like a boy.

God, thank you for making me wealthy this way,

It is a blessing to wake up every day.

3: Poem on Health is wealth English

Your health is one of our most precious assets, I hope you agree

Health is the most delicious fruit on life’s tree.

As important as money is, so is social prestige

However, good health is the source of constant bliss.

Even if you have the money to travel the world, you cannot if your health does not permit you

You can buy all the food you want, but if you don’t have good health, you cannot eat.

In the city, you might be a huge honor, with everyone bowing to you

However, you will not be able to enjoy it if you constantly develop health problems new.

Thus, bad health will always be a serious bar

It prevents you from enjoying what you have, be it wealth, a house, or a car.

Good health, on the other hand, is a constant source of happiness

As a result, your life will be filled with charm, pleasure, and grace.

Make sure you take good care of your health and build a body that is sound and strong

Make sure your life is happy, colorful, and charming, besides being long.

4: Health is wealth poem for class 1

Consume a balanced diet

If you don’t want to fight

Don’t miss a single night

Otherwise, you’ll lose sight

Set aside the money

Bring back some honey

Please don’t be funny

Take advantage of the sun when it’s sunny

The health of the nation is money


5: Simple poem on health is wealth

Many times workers did not go to work because they were sick, sick, sick, and your country deteriorated. It was too salty, too sweet, too many snacks, too much soda. It’s time for you to get moving. Start working out. Eating vegetables and fruits should be a part of your diet. Your home should be colorful. Take care of your surroundings. You cannot ignore them. Don’t neglect them.

You won’t regret it.

More and more people are suffering from diabetes, cancer, and hypertension. Don’t get caught unaware. Schedule an appointment today. Put it off until tomorrow. On the healthy train today, a nation is healthy.

6: Short health is wealth poem

Money sitting idle cannot pay your bills

Idle people become ill

Investing late hurts your wealth

Exercise too late will harm your health

Investing incorrectly will set you back

Exercises that are incorrect cause pain in the back

Ignoring inflation will make you poor

Ignoring symptoms negates the cure

7: Small poem on health is wealth

Almost everyone today is in a hurry,

The size of the world has become fury.

Populations shift from one place to another,

Leaving a different landscape and weather.

Nevertheless, it is not a matter of a problem of migration,

Rush hour is grouped throughout the stations.

Whether by air, rail, port, or road,

When all of the mass is loaded, the whole thing becomes a load.

It is the principal carrier of bacteria or fungus,

Infected people have to sit due to viruses.

Everything in one place, packed and sealed,

Police are going around to check whether the lock isn’t peeled.

All of the city’s inhabitants become confined to their homes,

There is no roamer on the road.

The best thing to do is to keep quiet for a minute,

Keeping the virus in check and maintaining distance like in Minot.

Money isn’t the most important factor.

Whether it lasts or not doesn’t matter.

The most important thing in life is to maintain patience.

In order not to become the next patient.

Keep your eyes open and be stealthy.

There is no doubt that health is wealth.

8: Health is wealth poem

I wonder how funny it is

There is a tendency for people to ignore the thesis

Those two minutes of video at the start

Yet somehow, it doesn’t hit the dart

Ignoring the video that you tend to ignore

I had intended to add a lesson more

Here’s a short story

A life that ended just because someone was sorry

Darkness became his constant companion.

Loneliness and depression made a powerful union

The prisoner within was his own mind

There wasn’t much left of his life that he could wind up

Wondering what happened after all

The tragedy of his life’s fall

He no longer laughed heartily

Nicotine made his life rather silly

He wished that his life could be brighter

I wish he could throw that lighter

Oh, he didn’t read the warning?

In contrast, the selfish minded increased their earnings

“Smoking is harmful to your health”

It did lead to his untimely death

Now buckle up for some facts

For I’ll be taking some stats

It’s possible you find me annoying

That, dear, is just me trying

Each cigar consumes 11 minutes

While you are still attending the histamine

Is it important for you that your family suffers?

Are you going to give them your lesser years and be a bluffer?

Take care of your health

It is your greatest wealth

9: Short poem on health is wealth in english

Keeping fit is more than a mission.

It is how we live our daily lives.

Junk food avoidance is more than a habit,

This is how we defeat diseases in strife.

Healthy eating is more than an option,

It is how we take care of our bodies.

Hygiene is more than a routine.

This is how we keep ourselves neat and tidy

The act of exercising is more than just a task.

It’s how we work toward our well-being.

Nutrition is more than just a regular diet.

Our lifestyle is what gives our lives meaning.

Yoga is more than just a custom,

This is how we always purify our souls.

There is more to it than a saying,

That’s how we reach our ultimate goal.

10: Simple poem on health is wealth

A cock crow in the morning

Telling us to rise,

Whoever wakes up late,

Can never be wise

Early to bed

Early to rise

Is the best way to stay healthy

In addition to being wealthy and wise.

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