A Step-by-Step Guide to Bathing Your Newborn

The average number of times a newborn should get washed in the first week is merely two to three times. It is not difficult to bathe a newborn, but you will need to take certain steps to protect your young child from any harm. The following are some helpful hints for bathing a newborn, followed by a step-by-step guide.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Bathing Your Newborn
A Step-by-Step Guide to Bathing Your Newborn

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How to give a baby a bath in a bathtub

Follow these instructions to give your child a bath in the bathtub:

  • Put the smaller tub into the larger one, and then turn on the water in the larger tub.
  • Put around three to four inches of water into the bathtub.
  • Before you put your infant in the bathtub, you should be sure to check the temperature of the water to ensure that it isn’t either too hot or too cold.
  • While you are bathing your infant, make sure to hold their head with both of your hands.
  • Make use of a washcloth to carefully scrub their body as well as their face.
  • When washing them, use baby soap in moderation so as not to irritate their delicate skin and avoid drying it out.
  • To keep your child’s body temperature up, you should continuously pour or splash water over them.
  • Remove the soap residue with water, and then take them out of the tube.
  • To prevent them from becoming too chilled, you should hastily transfer them to a towel and dry them off.
  • After giving them a bath, you can add baby lotion or oil to their skin to further hydrate it.

How to sponge bathe a newborn

The following are the actions you need to do to give your infant a sponge bath:

  • Collect all of your supplies. You are going to require some warm water, a few washcloths, and a towel that is dry.
  • Place your infant in a prone position on a surface, and use a washcloth drenched in warm water to clean their skin.
  • Put some soap on a washcloth, and then use it to clean them down.
  • To remove the soap, you should use an additional damp washcloth.
  • Use a towel to dry them off.

When should a newborn be bathed?

Delaying the first time that a newborn gets wet is related to certain positive outcomes. It is recommended by some medical professionals to wait a few days before giving a newborn baby its first bath since doing so can help lower the risk of infection, maintain stable blood sugar levels, and increase mother-baby bonding.

This occurs because infants are born with a material called vernix that is white and covers their skin. Since vernix has antibacterial and moisturizing characteristics that are naturally useful to a baby’s health, it is not in their best interest to have it scrubbed off as soon as they are born. This is because vernix is naturally good for a baby’s health.

You should also wait till your baby’s umbilical cord falls off before placing them in a bathtub full of water until after the chord has been cut. You should only give your infant sponge showers until the stump of the umbilical cord falls off because you do not want to soak the stump of the umbilical cord in water.

Is sink bathing a newborn okay?

It is perfectly fine to give your child a bath in the kitchen sink. Because the majority of baby bathtubs and bath seats are compact enough to be placed in a standard kitchen sink, the process of washing your child in the bathtub is virtually identical to washing them in the sink. Make careful to clean the sink in advance by wiping it down with a towel dampened in warm water.

What’s the finest baby soap?

It is very recommended that you use infant soap that is not poisonous. Try to find soaps that are created with natural ingredients and do not contain any artificial smells. If your child has hair that has to be washed, you should use a mild soap that won’t irritate their eyes.

Be aware of whether or not your infant has a reaction to the soap you use on them because they may have sensitive skin and require a hypoallergenic alternative.

Babies should get a bath twice or three times a week at the very least. You have the option of giving the infant a sponge wash or using a baby bath insert in the sink or bathtub. Always make sure to use a tear-free soap designed specifically for babies.

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