Green vs red apple: Which is healthier?

Apples are a fruit that may be purchased at any time of the year. It has been said that eating this sweet and juicy fruit on a daily basis will keep the doctor away. This proverb dates back centuries. Apples come in both red and green varieties, each with their own distinct flavor and set of health benefits. Have you ever questioned which of the two is the healthier option, despite the fact that you enjoy munching on both?

Green apples have a more acidic flavor than red apples and have thicker skins, which contributes to their crispier texture. On the other hand, red apples have thin skin, are sweet and juicy, and are full of juice. People tend to favor red apples over green apples because of their higher level of sweetness.

Does their nutritional content differ?

There is just a negligible difference in the amount of nutrients contained in each of the two varieties of apples. When compared to its counterpart, the green apple is a richer source of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin K.

Green vs red apple: Which is healthier?
Green vs red apple: Which is healthier?

Additionally, the green apple has a higher concentration of iron, potassium, and protein. According to the findings of several research, eating green apples may be beneficial for individuals who are attempting to shed kilogram’s.

Switching to green apples is recommended if you are attempting to lower the amount of sugar that you take in on a daily basis. On the other hand, red apples are more tasty and contain more antioxidants than their green counterparts.

Are green apples healthier than red apples?

“In all practical terms, the green apple is just as beneficial as the red apple, if not more so. As was stated previously, red apples are more common in grocery stores and kitchen pantries, and as a result, there is a greater chance of ingesting them.

Even if green apples are slightly more nutritious than red apples, in the long run they will both have the same effect on the body. This is true despite the fact that green apples have a slightly better nutritional profile.

Anupama Menon, a nutritionist and food coach, was asked to comment on the nutritional profile. She stated that since there are only tiny differences in nutrition, there are not many nutritional benefits of green apples that red apples can’t imitate.

Because green apples have around twice as much vitamin A as red apples, green apples are the only type of apple that have been linked to specific health benefits. Menon noted that as a consequence of this, green apples would be a more potent source of enhancing vision, increasing immunity, reducing the risk of acne, and promoting bone health.

On the other hand, she continued by saying that because people eat so many different kinds of fruits, “whatever tiny advantage one apple variety may have over another is lost when considering the overall goal of nutritional sufficiency in the larger scheme of things.”

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