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Exercises during periods- Benefits, Best info. 2022

The menstrual cycle can be excruciatingly uncomfortable, particularly if you have severe menstrual cramps. There is nothing more relaxing than sinking into a bed with a hot water bag. While we aren’t working out right now, you should be exercising nonetheless.

Despite the fact that exercise has been shown to be helpful in reducing a variety of cycle-related symptoms, there are numerous misconceptions about exercise and periods.

Exercises during periods
Exercises during periods

These symptoms may be brought on by several physical and hormonal changes in the female body, according to a study. Regular exercise helps to balance these physiological and hormonal changes, enhances the production of endorphins (feel-good hormones), elevates mood, and lessens irritation and pain.

Exercise benefits during your period

You might benefit from some of the following while working out during your period:

Enhances mood

Exercise may help lessen depression, according to a study by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Exercise can help lift one’s mood if one experiences sadness, irritability, or anger during their period.

Fatigue reduction

People may feel tired during their period as a result of the body’s hormonal changes. According to the Office on Women’s Health (OWH) Trusted Source, exercise during a period can actually boost your energy levels rather than sap them.

Menstrual pain is reduced

Women who exercised for 30 minutes, three days a week for eight weeks had less menstrual pain than those who did not, according to an eight-week study from 2018. This suggests that exercising can lessen symptoms both before and during a period.

It’s not required to perform strenuous physical activity for a long time. It may be beneficial to walk for 15 minutes twice or three times per day. In general, exercise is good for you. One benefit of exercise is that it keeps the heart and lungs healthy.

Exercises to perform during periods

Exercises during periods
Exercises during periods

The first few days of your period can be difficult because of heavy bleeding and cramping in the abdomen. Exercise can be a source of comfort during these trying times. Try these easy exercises to maintain your health and happiness.

A dance

Dancing helps you feel better and burns calories. For that reason, if you’re up for it, you should enroll in a Zumba class.


Swimming is one of the most calming and gentle exercises you can do during your period, but for many girls, it may seem foreign. You won’t pass out at light flows because water produces counter-pressure. Use tampons to increase your level of protection. Females are thought to bleed less in cold water because the cold water temporarily constricts blood vessels.


When you have little symptoms or at the end of your period, you can go running. If you feel uneasy, run slowly and take a pause in between each lap. You feel better right away after a run. Take in a lot of water.

Fitness pilates

Pilates is one of the most widely used exercises today. Pilates can help you maintain a relaxed and healthy body. Pilates exercises target particular muscle groups, allowing you to customize your workout to your needs. If you do pilates to strengthen your core, your cramps will lessen.

Heavily lifting

You can lift light weights at home even if you are unable to get up and go for a walk or go to the gym. By performing light lifting and power-based exercises, you can improve your muscle flexibility and strength.

Getting stretched

Simple stretches at home may not be as healthy as simply rolling on your bed. If you have trouble relaxing your muscles after other exercises, stretch your body and take deep breaths.

Taking a walk

All you need to do during your period is take a short, easy walk. Low-intensity aerobic exercise helps maintain your lungs healthy as you move through your cycle. In our favorite sneakers, let’s take a leisurely stroll or brisk stroll around the neighborhood. Additionally, you will be able to lose some weight because these exercises will lift your spirits. These modest movements will cause the body to release endorphins.


Yoga helps ease grumpy and irritated moods by focusing on breathing and stretching movements. Numerous yoga poses that improve blood circulation can aid to relieve your unpleasant problems. Yoga, according to research, relaxes the body and relieves menstrual symptoms including cramping and bloating.

During your menstruation, avoid these exercises.

Along with some activities being more suitable to engage in at this time, there are some workouts you may want to avoid. Many women, nevertheless, will be able to carry on with their regular fitness regimen with only a few modest modifications.

You should lower your workout stress and volume during this time, Marcello advised me. In other words, the objective is to scale back a little bit rather than discontinue altogether, he said.

If you feel exhausted, it can be a good idea to reduce your endurance and cardiovascular exercise. Exercises that are only moderately demanding to feel more difficult during this time because the rate of perceived exertion is frequently higher, according to Marcello. He continued, “The skill and accuracy training should also be stopped for these few days.”

FAQ Related to Exercises during periods

Is it advisable to work out during your period?

Exercise might be helpful for menstruating women because it can reduce symptoms and improve general health. Women often do not need to limit their physical activities during their periods unless they feel discomfort or pain which indicates they should slow down.

Can I perform a plank while on my period?

Because it is advised to perform planks during periods, it aids in strengthening your back and reduces your pain. Planks not only strengthen your butt, hips, abs, chest, and arms, but they also increase flexibility.

What should we avoid doing when menstruating?

There is a significant level of coffee consumption. This is one of the worst things you can do when you’re menstruating! Caffeine overdose can aggravate the discomfort and lead to breast tenderness. You will undoubtedly need to drink less coffee even though you crave caffeine.

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