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As Millie Bobby Brown starts Damsel Movie, she is, well, a damsel, carried away by the prospect of romance and happiness. This gloomy fairy tale focuses on what happens when you believe a false narrative of happily ever after in order to justify giving up your own interests.

(Because the royal family naturally doesn’t want to risk their lives or get their hands filthy.) However, things quickly start to change when a dragon enters the picture. Fortunately, it appears that Millie Bobby Brown’s Damsel is prepared to change too, based on the most recent trailer for the film.

AiredMarch 8, 2024 (United States)
CountryUnited States
Run Time1h 48m
GenresAction, Adventure, Fantasy

Sneak Peek

Key Points of Damsel Netflix Movie

  • The lead actress in Damsel, Millie Bobby Brown, is a young bride-turned-sacrifice who must battle a fire-breathing monster and a bleak destiny.
  • A star-studded ensemble, including Robin Wright and Angela Bassett, is featured in Damsel.
  • A frightening take on timeless fairytales, watch out for Damsel when it releases on March 8, 2024.

Where to Watch Damsel Movie Millie Bobby Brown

The Damsel in Distress Movie Trailer

Damsel Movie 2024 Storyline

In this brand-new fantasy movie, a young lady who believes she is getting married to the ideal prince is tossed into a pit and learns she will instead be a sacrifice to please a savage dragon rather than a princess. She is trying to live long enough for someone to come save her, but she quickly learns that this “damsel” needs to save herself.

Is Damsel based on a book?

The novel was written after the script, though. The author of the Netflix movie is Dan Mazeau. Based on Mazeau’s script, Evelyn Skye, a New York Times bestselling novelist, created the book Damsel, which was released in April of 2023. In 2022, The Hollywood Reporter verified that Skye will publish a novelization of Damsel through “a collaboration with Netflix and Random House Worlds.”

The Cast of Damsel The Movie

Millie Bobby BrownElodie
Ray WinstoneLord Bayford
Angela BassettLady Bayford
Brooke CarterFloria
Nick RobinsonPrince Henry
Robin WrightQueen Isabelle
Milo TwomeyKing Roderick
Nicole JosephPrincess Victoria
Patrice NaiambanaChamberlain
Ulli AckermannKnight
Mens-Sana TamakloeKnight
Ezra Faroque KhanLocal Guide
Tasha LimPrince Henry’s Bride
Brogan McfarlanePrincess
Sonya NisaPrincess
Esther OdumadePrincess
Margarita RenPrincess
Eloise Shephard TaylorPrincess
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Who Made Damsel?

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) is the film’s director, while Dan Mazeau (Fast X) is the writer and executive producer. Sue Baden-Powell (Alpha), Mark Bomback (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes), Robert Brown (Hell’s Kitchen), and Millie Bobby Brown are among the other executive producers.

The film features music by Jane Antonia Cornish (Maleficent), and cinematography by Larry Fong (Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice). The film’s producing firms are PMCA Productions and Roth/Kirschenbaum Films, while Netflix is in charge of distribution.

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Damsel 2024 Movie (Spoilers Alert!)

Brown is viewed by damsels as a faithful damsel who consents to wed a charming prince, only to find out later that everything was a trap: She is chosen by the royal family as a sacrifice to pay off a long-standing debt. After that, she is cast into a cave with a dragon that breathes fire, and her only chances of surviving are by using her cunning and determination.

Elodie serves as the audience’s eyes and ears while she battles by herself in the monster’s lair. According to Fresnadillo, “you feel like you are going through the journey of surviving and facing this creature with Elodie.” “There is such a strong emotional arc.”

Brown was able to experience the adventure personally thanks to the cave system on the site. Running through [the caverns] was difficult, according to Brown. “It was difficult to fall into them. Screaming was difficult since no one could hear you. You were unable to see anything. Everything seemed so genuine. I therefore detested the caves as Elodie but adored them as an actress.

The teaser trailer for the movie, which is set to Timber Timbre’s song “Run from Me,” shows Elodie being seduced by the royal family and the reality of her fairy-tale predicament as she battles for her life in a cave. Wright tells us, “It has been our responsibility to protect our people for generations.”

Thus, you become the latest in a long series of women who have contributed to the construction of this kingdom. The subsequent image, which shows Brown stroking her fingers against the cave’s high wall—where the names of prior prisoners have been engraved into the surface—makes the actual significance of the emotion evident.

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Although Elodie is following in the dismal footsteps of her forebears, Brown was only able to gaze ahead. She remarked, “I’ve personally never read a story like Damsel, so I couldn’t draw from anything.” I am able to sketch from Mad Max using Eleven.

Alternatively, I can borrow a little bit from Hermione in Harry Potter with Enola Holmes. Since I couldn’t locate anyone for Elodie, I realized that I would have to make her, discover her flaws and talents, and essentially build a life and a journey for her in order to win over everyone’s admiration and support.

Furthermore, Elodie will require every kind of assistance in order to survive Damsel. According to Fresnadillo, “it’s an exciting journey with a really dark twist to keep you on the edge of your seat.” One of my goals as a filmmaker is to always surprise viewers by telling a tale in a novel way. In particular, this type of [old story] has to be updated with fresh perspectives and more contemporary and authentic methods in order to engage the viewer.

In other words, you will still be able to relate to many of the challenges Elodie encounters throughout the novel, even if you don’t regularly encounter dragons in your daily life. He continues, “We tried to make this as real as we can.” “It is based in reality, yet it is a fantasy.”

Index of Damsel Movie
Index of Damsel Movie

FAQs on Damsel Movie 2024

What is the Damsel release date?

The movie will now premiere on March 8, 2024 instead of October 13, 2023 as originally planned.

When and Where Did Damsel Film?

The casting for Damsel was revealed in November 2020, after the project was formally unveiled in March 2020. In and around Portugal in southwest Europe, filming got underway in February 2022 and ended on July 1st, 2022.

How to watch Damsel

Damsel will only be accessible to stream on Netflix.

Who is in the Damsel cast?

Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things plays Princess Elodie, the “dutiful damsel” in the film. Robin Wright, Angela Bassett, Nick Robinson, Brooke Carter, Ray Winstone, and Shohreh Aghdashloo are featured in the cast.

What is Damsel about?

“A dutiful damsel agrees to marry a handsome prince, only to find the royal family has recruited her as a sacrifice to repay an ancient debt,” is the official synopsis for the film. She is forced to rely on her cunning and resolve to live after being thrown inside a cave with a fire-breathing dragon.”

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