7 Reasons Why are Tieks so Expensive in 2023 | Are Ballet Flats Tieks Shoes Worth the Money

Do you want to know why Tieks ballet flats are so expensive? Here are seven reasons why Tieks are worth their expensive price, from their handcrafted nature to their durability and use.

Tieks by Gavrieli are a well-known brand of ballerina flats that are popular among women all over the world. Although Tieks are fashionable and comfy, many people are perplexed as to why they are so much more expensive than other ballet flats. In this post, we’ll look at seven reasons why Tieks are a good investment.

7 Reasons Why are Tieks so Expensive in 2023
7 Reasons Why are Tieks so Expensive in 2023

7 Reasons Why are Tieks so Expensive

Handcrafted Quality

Tieks are made by hand in Italy by skilled craftspeople who use only the best materials. Each pair of Tieks takes three days to make by hand, with careful attention to every detail. Every part of a pair of Tieks shoes is made with care, from the soft, full-grain leather to the non-slip rubber bottoms.

Durable Materials

Tieks are built to last. Tieks are made from high-quality leather that will last for many years. The non-skid rubber soles are also extremely durable and can grip any surface. As a result, they can be worn both inside and outside.


One of the best things about Tieks is how flexible they are. They come in a lot of different colors and patterns, so they can be worn to any event. Tieks can be dressed up or down depending on what you need to do, like running errands or going to a formal event.


Tieks are designed to make you happy. The smooth, flexible leather molds to your foot’s contour, making it seem like a second skin. The padded instep also keeps your feet comfortable even after hours of wear.


Tieks are ideal for travel. They take up very little space in your luggage because they are small and light. Also, the bottoms don’t slip, which makes them great for walking on a variety of surfaces, whether you’re walking around a new city or just relaxing by the pool.

Ethical Manufacturing

Tieks is committed to producing in an ethical manner. They ensure that the employees who create their products are fairly compensated and that the workplace is safe and healthy. Tieks also attempts to be as environmentally friendly as possible by using recycled materials and producing as little waste as possible.

Brand Reputation

Tieks has developed a strong brand identity throughout the years. Customers who buy their shoes frequently comment on how nice and comfortable they are. The brand is also appealing because of its excellent customer service and simple return policy.

Finally, while Tieks are more expensive than other ballerina flats on the market, its high price is justified by the quality, durability, versatility, comfort, and ethical production procedures that go into each pair. Whether you already have a large collection of Tieks or are considering purchasing your first pair, the money you spend will be well worth it in the long term.

tieks why so expensive
tieks why so expensive

Average Tieks Prices

Tieks ballet flats are known for their high quality and skillful construction, as well as their high price. Tieks in the US cost an average of $265, but this can change depending on the style and materials. Here are some prices for Tieks in the US:

  1. Classic Collection: The Classic Collection is the most popular line of Tieks, and features a range of solid colors and patterns. Prices for the Classic Collection start at $195.
  2. Patent Collection: The Patent Collection features glossy patent leather in a variety of bold colors. Prices for the Patent Collection start at $235.
  3. Metallic Collection: The Metallic Collection features shimmery metallic leather in a range of colors. Prices for the Metallic Collection start at $265.
  4. Vegan Collection: The Vegan Collection is made with vegan leather and features a range of colors and patterns. Prices for the Vegan Collection start at $175.
  5. Limited Edition Collection: The Limited Edition Collection features unique designs and materials that are only available for a limited time. Prices for the Limited Edition Collection can range from $265 to $345.

It is critical to understand that Tieks are rarely on sale and nearly never discounted. But, they do offer free delivery inside the United States and a simple return policy that allows buyers to try on the shoes and return them for free within 30 days if they aren’t satisfied.

Tieks Products List with There Price

CollectionProductPrice Range
Classic CollectionBallerina Pink, Black, Chestnut, Matte Black, Navy, Patent Nude, Red, Taupe, Tangerine, Wild Copper, Wild Snake, Wild Taupe, Wild Copper Patent, Wild Dove, Wild Rose$195-$345
Metallic CollectionChampagne Gold, Rose Gold, Bronze, Gold, Silver$265
Patent CollectionCardinal Red Patent, Cobalt Blue Patent, Fuchsia Patent, Lavender Patent, Mustard Patent, Nude Patent, Poppy Patent, Silver Screen Patent, Starstruck Patent, Tangerine Patent$235
Vegan CollectionBlack, Clover, Coral, Cream, Navy, Pacific Green, Peony, Platinum, Ruby Red, Slate Grey, Snow Leopard$175
Tiek Blue CollectionBallet Slipper Blue, Blue Stripe, Capri Blue, Cloud Blue, Ocean Blue, Pacific Blue, Tiffany Blue, Waterfall Blue, Navy Stripe$195
Heritage Plaid CollectionHeritage Plaid$265
Liberty Art Fabrics CollectionBetsy Ann, Capel, Mitsi, Pepper, Tatum$265
Wild CollectionWild Copper, Wild Copper Patent, Wild Dove, Wild Snake, Wild Rose, Wild Taupe, Wild Taupe Patent$265
are tieks worth the money
are tieks worth the money

Average How Much Do Tieks Cost

In the United States, Tieks ballerina flats cost an average of $265, but this can change depending on the style and materials used. The most popular collection from Tieks is the Classic Collection, which starts at $195 and has a variety of solid colors and designs. The Patent Collection starts at $235 and has shiny patent leather in a variety of bright colors.

The Metallic Collection starts at $265 and has beautiful metallic leather in a variety of colors. The Vegan Collection starts at $175. It is made of faux leather and comes in many colors and patterns. But some Tieks items, like limited-edition collections, can cost as much as $345. Tieks are rarely on sale, and discounts are even less common.

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