The greatest TV shows of all time must include Breaking Bad. They are quotable memes, easy fancy dress options, and recently, tourist-magnet statues in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the show's homeland.

In the years since the main show ended, the world of Breaking Bad has expanded. Pinkman's journey was chronicled in El Camino, 

while Better Call Saul chronicled Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) becoming corrupt lawyer Saul Goodman. As other TV franchises have struggled in their spin-offs,

Breaking Bad has become richer and deeper, partly because Vince Gilligan is present at every step.

Breaking Bad consists of five seasons, a follow-up film El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, and a series Better Call Saul. 

In the latter spin-off, Saul Goodman explores the events leading up to Breaking Bad and the aftermath.

Several web series have also been produced, including Breaking Bad: Original Minisodes. Todd (Jesse Plemons) was also featured in Snow Globe: A Breaking Bad Short.

Earlier this year, an animated series titled Slippin' Jimmy was released to tie-in with Better Call Saul's final season. Six episodes follow Jimmy McGill's misadventures.

After Better Call Saul's conclusion, Gilligan confirmed he will be working on a new project outside Breaking Bad's world, but a return is not ruled out.

Gilligan told Rolling Stone, "I could definitely see myself revisiting it in the future." He added, "I would like to continue doing this in the future."