Steve Harvey is a prominent daytime TV comedian. "Family Feud," "Steve," and "Judge Steve Harvey" are popular shows.

 Steve has five Daytime Emmys from 12 nominations. "Family Feud" was also "preserved"

Steve's 2007 marriage to his third wife intrigues many fans of the comedian. Steve married Marjorie Bridges Harvey. The talk show host's wife is equally influential.

Steve Harvey married Marjorie at first sight. Steve met Marjorie at one of his 2005 comedy shows. "Her friend came.

Her stare halted my breath "Keeping quiet after a long wait, Steve remarked, "Sorry. I'm marrying her." Steve predicted accurately.

Steve and Marjorie manage a youth-education nonprofit. The foundation "helps develop the next generation of responsible leaders"

In 2018, the organization sponsored a camp for fatherless youngsters in rural Georgia.

The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation planned to provide $23,000 to eight Kent State University students the next year, The Source reported.

Steve married Marcia Harvey from 1981 to 1994 and Mary Shackelford from 1996 to 2005. Two years after his second divorce, he married Marjorie. 

Steve published a love letter to Marjorie on their anniversary.

Three of Steve's seven children are from Marjorie's previous marriage, writes People. Steve's first marriage produced triplets.

Steve and Marjorie adore their blended family. Harvey termed it a "second chance." "Reborn. Mistakes abound. She's important. Home makes you productive."

Steve told Parade in 2014 that marrying Marjorie was "very satisfying" "Soul mate and best buddy," he said.