Despite botching the Miss Universe pageant in 2015, Steve Harvey will host it Sunday night. It's not the only hell Harvey has to offer. exclusively revealed that the TV host and his third wife were rumored to be splitting.

Even so, Harvey has had a series of problems in his personal and professional life over the years. 

His second wife sued him for alleged torture, deprivation, and brainwashing, despite Harvey's claims of being a relationship expert.

Harvey cozied up to Kris Jenner, and Radar discovered that he was unloading four Texas homes in preparation for a divorce war with Marjorie.

Marjorie joked with Harvey earlier this year, "Why are you leaving me?" when confronted with the breakup rumor.

Getting involved in a racist Asian controversy and declaring the wrong winner of the Miss Universe pageant have been embarrassing TV blunders for the star of Family Feud!

The leak of an infamous memo Harvey issued in which he demanded that staffers not approach him made headlines as well.

The reaction of fans to Harvey's standing by Bill Cosby was shocking. According to Radar sources, Harvey has struggled to support a lavish lifestyle and has owed the IRS money.

Discover Harvey's secrets and scandals in Radar's gallery. A divorce battle between the comedian and his wife Marjorie has led to him trying to liquidate assets.

A total of four Harvey's properties have been on the market in Texas since January 2019, and two have been sold for an estimated $2 million each!

According to radar sources, Harvey has transferred ownership of another Texas property into his own name from the name of his wife Marjorie.