These twin daughters, Karli Harvey Raymond and Brandi Harvey, are celebrating their 40th birthdays this week.

Steve wrote, "My 2 greatest joys @iambrandiharvey @iamkarliraymond. I love them.".

This photo appears to be taken during the birthday celebration for the ladies.

Karli also shared a selfie video from the event on her Instagram account.

Happy birthday to me today! One thing I know for sure is that I am loved," she wrote in her Instagram caption.

Over the past few months, I have received so much love and care from my family and friends.

A fan wrote, "Happy Birthday blessings!" to Steve and Karli on their birthday posts.

They had a beautiful weekend and I hope they have many more to come."

"Happy birthday girls... I've never seen everyone look so good." Another said, "Good luck."

Broderick and Wynton, Steve's oldest twin siblings, are also his biological children.

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