She announced Monday that she is pregnant with Webb's child, who was the girlfriend of the late Oregon tight end.

The 22-year-old man died after hitting his head during a cliff-diving accident in July.

Her late boyfriend's child will be born to Kay, as she revealed in an Instagram post.

Despite heaven's lack of angels, we created one," she wrote in the caption. You always wanted to be a father.

You will be the best of the best from above, there is no doubt in my mind. Knowing I'll have a piece of you keeps me going.

The person who is half you and half me excites me. There will never be a day when I won't love you both."

Kay posted a heartfelt Instagram post in memory of Webb following news of his passing last month.

As she wrote in the caption, "my best friend, twin flame, and love of my life." Nothing compares to my love for you.

I was everything to you, you gave me purpose, and you showed me what it feels like to be valued, cherished, and seen."

Kay continued, "We had so many big plans." I know you will watch over me and keep me strong.