You may have seen Sofia Ansari when you were scrolling through Instagram. She is a very successful social media influencer.

People have told the influencer more than once that she posts 18+ content on Instagram.

The influencer's Instagram account has been deactivated. Users couldn't find Sofia Ansari's official Instagram profile, confirming the erasure.

It is said that her content is the main reason for this.

It was said that one of her Instagram posts broke the rules for the community, so both the post and her account were deleted.

Her official Instagram account, which has since been deleted, had about 9 million followers.

It is still not clear if this is the real reason why her account was deleted.

It is also unclear if the Social Media Influencer's account has been permanently removed or if it may be restored.

There are also a lot of rumours going around about why Sofia's account was deleted.

It can only be confirmed if Sofia Ansari herself says what the reason is or if a reliable source confirms it.