Politics first. After Andre and Hailey returned home last week, Britney was in a bad mood. While she shouldn't have much to stand on given her extramarital activities, 

Andre reminds her that the version of her husband she married may not be the real him. In any case, they have to play happy families 

Barack and Michelle, as Corbin calls them - when Andre takes to the podium to give a statement about the new mayor-elect.

Patrice won. But Andre does not see it that way, since he announces right next to Britney that he's moving back home to start a new law practice.

That's it. After staring at all the versions of himself in the cracked backstage mirror, Mane takes center stage in the first verse of "Seven Pounds of Pressure" acapella.  

Murda is essentially claiming Pico's death with these lyrics, which aren't entirely subtle. We won't let that slide. 

In spite of Mercedes and Murda's wild performance, it seems unlikely that any of it will be dismissed as artistic expression.

Lil Murda faces reality fast. After going backstage, he and Mercedes find Uncle Clifford in tears. The good news of Ernestine surviving Covid-19 is countered by Murda's tour schedule. 

Clifford essentially breaks up with Murda, knowing that he shouldn't be contained in Chucalissa, but also, on some level, knowing that if the world knew who he truly was, 

he would never be the star he really is. She gets royalty checks from Farrah for using her likeness in her photography exhibit, 

so things are looking up for Mercedes. As she uses them to adorn her gym, Patrice shows up with good news; Shelle has gone into rehab, and Patrice will let Terricka stay with Mercedes instead.

In contrast, Hailey's episode hasn't been great. Clifford's backroom deal with Corbin and Wayne emerges after that odd whipping diversion in the previous episode. 

By building a canal directly to Hailey's doorstep, a casino cannot be built without demolishing the Pynk, sabotaging her plans to sell the Pynk for a cool ten million dollars. 

According to Corbin's letter to Clifford, she isn't entitled to anything except $250,000. In order for Hailey to recoup sole ownership of the Pynk, 

Cliff is willing to repay her investment, and since Hailey is self-centered, she has no supporters to fight for her interests.