Duke player Rachel Richardson said she was subjected to racial slurs during a game against BYU over the weekend.

BYU officials acted too slowly, Richardson said. Fan sat in student section but wasn't a student, says BYU.

The alleged incident is being investigated by BYU officials. Richardson was not yelled at by the banned person, Besendorfer said.

That behavior was not observed in the video by Besendorfter.

McBride says the team combed through all available footage and found no racial slurs.

Other cameras within the volleyball team's facility have also been reviewed by BYU Athletics.

It has been ongoing since Friday night," McBride said. "The person banned used racial slurs."

Lesa Pamplin, Richardson's godmother, also tweeted that Richardson was threatened by a white male.

BYU coach received a threatening voicemail, according to a police report. 

A Duke player was made uncomfortable after Friday's game by an unnamed fan.