The United States is not where Ozzy Osbourne wants to live or die.

Sharon Osbourne, Osbourne's wife, ripped the USA in a candid interview with The Guardian.

After undergoing major surgery in June, Osbourne said of the United States, "Everything is ridiculous.".

School shootings have killed many. The mass shooting in Vegas at that concert... It's crazy."

During a country music festival in 2017, a gunman opened fire, killing 60 people.

Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, was the most recent shooting to terrorize the United States.

Los Angeles' expansive mansion was up for sale for $18 million in July, according to Architectural Digest.

'I don't want to die in America... I'm English. I want to be back,' said the 73-year-old rocker.

The London-born Sharon echoed his sentiments. America has changed so much.

It's not the United States of America. There's no unity there. Right now, it's a strange place."

According to The Mirror, the Osbournes left California because of skyrocketing taxes in March.

According to Osbourne, "The tax is getting too much. I'm sad because I really, really like living there."