He picked up the phone to deny claims he hung out with Kylie Jenner's rumored ex-fling Rojean Kar.

According to the Instagram model’s alleged evidence, the two were recently on the same set of one of his productions.

"While I was directing a video, an uninvited person was taking photos," he claimed. It's not me. It's my first time.”

Apparently Scott, 31, then demanded Kar stop playing cyber games and telling fictional stories.

Jenner, 25, and the musician first linked in 2013, long before Jenner began dating the musician.

In recent years, internet sleuths have discovered clues pointing to Scott and Kar's relationship.

He and Jenner briefly split in 2019, which the model referred to as a "false narrative" at the time.

In a recent Instagram Story, Kar showed herself behind the camera on the set of a music video shoot.

Scott was visible in the background. Atop the video, she wrote, "I'm directing.".

Scott, perhaps unknowingly, corroborated the above scenario when he posted his own picture from a similar set.