A one-run lead was handed to Craig Kimbrel by the Dodgers on "Top Gun Night" at American Family Field.

Their lead was taken in the 11th inning with Justin Turner's RBI single thanks to Chris Taylor's spectacular game-saving catch in the 10th inning. 

Throughout his first 20 saves in this year's campaign, Kimbrel has not been able to secure a one-run lead.

Victor Caratini's two-run walk-off single helped the Milwaukee Brewers beat the Dodgers, 5-4, in the 11th. Kimbrel retired only one of the four batters he faced.

Kimbrel conceded a hit and the game ended. In the field, I'm trying to pitch and not let them hit the ball. The ball wasn't crushed by Caratini but he got enough on it to win."

The ERA for Kimbrel now stands at 4.57 after giving up runs in four out of his past five appearances. Kimbrel has pitched an inning without allowing a baserunner only eight times this season.

The Dodgers have been cautious to use Kimbrel in situations where he has a multi-run cushion, which is why he has only blown four saves this season.

Considering the stakes in October and the way games (and series) turn on tighter margins, it's difficult to imagine the Dodgers trusting him with a one-run lead in August. 

Kimbrel's role will not change under Dodgers manager Dave Roberts, not for the first time this season.

My job is to drown out the noise and see how the ball is coming out, how it is executed. It's much better tonight. The breaking ball was struck.