Kevin Durant Predicts Where Bronny James Will Commit

Like many basketball fans, Kevin Durant is curious to see where Bronny James plays after high school.

During his Boardroom podcast, the Phoenix Suns star said he hopes LeBron James' son goes to college rather than "disappearing" for a year by joining the G-League or going overseas.

"All of that stuff is cool but still, going to college, I feel like that's a great route," Durant said. "Because it's still on the big stage.  

You still got to show who you are on that big stage, and the tournament is still a huge thing."

When co-host Eddie Gonzalez said his "completely uneducated guess" for Bronny is USC, Durant agreed.

"It's going to obviously be easy for 'Bron to catch the game if he's at USC," Durant noted.

The four-star recruit is reportedly deciding between USC, Oregon, and Ohio State. While the Trojans are close to home for the California native, Oregon brings Nike tries.

As a Buckeyes fan, LeBron probably wouldn't mind if his son chose Ohio State. Durant said he "can understand" why Bronny is considered a possible top-10 pick in the 2024 NBA draft.

"I've seen Bronny laying the ball up a couple years ago," Durant said. "Now I see him taking off everywhere. His body developed. 

I feel like we've been watching him since he was two, three years old, you know what I'm saying? So to see where he is now, I'm rooting for him.