Demi Lovato's 30th birthday was celebrated with a romantic tribute from Jordan Lutes.

The musician shared photos and videos of them over the years on Instagram. As we hiked,

they are seen smiling at each other. Lutes, a.k.a. Jute$, continuously kisses Lovato as they drive.

My new obsession is making you laugh because your smile literally cures my depression."

I'm so proud of you for not only surviving, but also becoming your healthiest, happiest, sweetest self.

It was Lovato's 30th birthday on Saturday, August 20, and she celebrated it with lots of loved ones.

There are also photos of the couple on a beach vacation, a roller coaster ride, and a plane. 

A musician even shared pictures of them brushing their teeth as part of their day-to-day activities.

Music, voice, and beauty aren't all you are. It's all you. I love you. And here's the new #1 cutest video.

They performed "Substance" last week. @DDlovato, I loved you on Jimmy Fallon. "An honor."