Rio Bravo is one of John Wayne's best Western movies. There are recognizable faces, romance, and big action in Howard Hawks' film.

Barbara Hawks McCampbell, Hawks' daughter, wrote the climactic dynamite sequence in Rio Bravo.

Rio Bravo revolves around a small-town sheriff named John T. Chance (Wayne). As a result of Joe Burdette's (Claude Akins) murder, the fate of the town is up in the air. 

The sheriff arrests him, but Nathan (John Russell) is willing to pay the price for his brother's release.

In the meantime, Chance must fend off dangerous bandits. Colorado Ryan (Ricky Nelson) is willing to help the small-town sheriff.

Hawks talked about the climactic finish in a 1977 Movietone interview. The antagonists in Rio Bravo are cornered in a house by Wayne and his allies. 

The sheriff destroys the house with dynamite, in order to force the occupants to surrender.

Despite only having a directing credit on Rio Bravo, Hawks confirmed that he also wrote the short story. 

His daughter Hawks McCampbell came up with the climactic dynamite finish, which he gave her credit for. She is however credited as B.H. Campbell.

Hawks said he had fun writing Rio Bravo. "My daughter was getting interested, and she had one good idea.