Steve Harvey can usually predict the top answers on the board when hosting Family Feud, but insiders say it's a problem at home.

"Steve's four biological kids from two prior wives and three stepkids from Marjorie are driving him mad," a source said.

The author of Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man has seven children with his first wife, Marcia.

Steve has a son with ex-wife Mary Shackelford and three stepchildren with present wife Marjorie.

The insider believes there's jealously among Steve's kids about Lori's high-profile love life.

Lori is seeing Snowfall actor Damson Idris after splitting from Michael B. Jordan.

"He did the right thing adopting Marjorie's kids and loves them like his own, but there's division in the blended Harvey clan," a source said.

A source says Steve's wife and exes "butt heads" because she "runs the roost" at the Harvey home.

Steve apparently copes with family troubles by throwing money at them, buying them gifts, or smoking a cigar.