There have been a number of NFL teams trimming their rosters in preparation for the 2022 season, and

In a recent interview, Rick Spielman was asked which player he regretted cutting the most from his team.

Upon being asked about Daniel Carlson, Spielman admitted the team made a grave mistake. 

The Vikings cut Carlson after he missed three kicks in one game after drafting him in the fifth round.

Afterwards, Dan Bailey was signed. Spielman is well aware of Carlson's future potential as a kicker.

The kicker has had a great career since we cut him, and he will continue to have a great career for the rest of his life, 

"He may go down as one of the greatest kickers in NFL history," Spielman said. I regret one thing."

Since being released by the Vikings, Carlson has become one of the league's most automatic kickers.