Clark Hunt and his family were close to Len Dawson, so his death touched everyone.

Dawson joined the Dallas Texans in 1962, and the team moved to Kansas City in 1963, becoming the Chiefs.

Clark's father, Lamar Hunt, owned the team when the AFC Championship trophy was named for him.

In 1969, Dawson helped the Chiefs win their first Super Bowl title against the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV.

Hunt's life was impacted by Dawson on Wednesday. His condolences to Dawson's family.

In the Chiefs organization for over 60 years, Len Dawson was a prominent figure.

Throughout his life, Len has been someone I admired and respected.

It is impossible to overstate his impact on the Kansas City Chiefs. Feel free to ask."

It was Dawson who was my first sports hero, Hunt said.