They enjoyed a romantic day out on their Italian vacation with Zoe Kravitz and Channing Tatum.

The couple was seen exchanging PDA after dinner with friends on Ponza Island, Italy, on Tuesday night.

As they swam, jet-skied, and slipped off the side of the boat, the couple exchanged kisses between activities.

Kimi wore a white sundress over an orange bandeau swimsuit, and Logan Lucky wore a blue life jacket.

She wore a white minidress and heels on Tuesday. Gold earrings, white bag, pink headscarf. Pants, shirt, and white sneakers.

They met while casting Kravitz's directorial debut, Pussy Island. The WSJ. It brought him into her life, she told magazine.

It was her dream to cast Tatum. His darkness doesn't scare him," she says. That's why I liked him.

"Watching someone who mostly plays boy next door, good guy, love interest, etc., play a dark character would be interesting."