I sold Megan Thee Stallion. Instagram Live revealed their relationship in February 2021.

"Backin' It Up," written by Fontaine and Cardi B, is perhaps his most famous collaboration.

Additionally, Pardi co-wrote "Violent Crimes" by Cardi B. He released UNDER8ED in 2019.

Stage names can be tricky. In Back to the Future, Marty McFly inspired Pardi McFly.

Jay-Z won't do a song with Pardi McFly. Keeping the Pardi, I dropped the McFly."

His job at Saks Fifth Avenue. It sounded important no matter what it sold. 

Jean de la Fontaine was a famous French poet and fabulist from the 17th century.

Both are on Instagram. His Valentine's Day menu was "Pardi with a Hottie.".

In February 2021, Megan Thee Stallion confirmed she was dating Fontaine.

Jordy Jr. is Fontaine's daughter. His Instagram account is full of pictures of her.