The social media platform Instagram has been taken down by Britney Spears.

In response to a sneak peak of "Hold Me Closer," the singer abruptly deleted her account.

Spears and John sang "The One" lyrics over a clubbeat, then switched to "Tiny Dancer."

As the "Toxic" singer noted in the caption of the post, John was greatly praised by her.

Her response to the song's cover art was, "Thanks @eltonjohn for posting my baby picture!" 

Tea time! Let's do it! She behaves brilliantly. You will heighten my year.

Your creativity and genius helped me! Great! Keep it up! You've got my attention! Good."

According to John's comments, Spears was also praised right back by him.

I'm more than a background singer, darling. Can't wait to share what we've been working on!"

Despite deleting her Instagram account, Spears tweeted about the upcoming album.