The Buffalo Bills punter Matt Araiza faced troubling allegations on Thursday night.

A 17-year-old was gang-raped last year by Araiza and other SDSU football players.

As soon as the allegations became public, fans wondered when the Bills learned of them.

During the 2022 NFL Draft, the team was unaware of the allegations. 

Early this week, the team cut veteran punter Matt Haack after learning of the allegations.

When the Bills drafted Araiza, they weren't aware of the allegations against him.

As Araiza's only competition, Buffalo felt comfortable parting ways with him.

After the allegations were made public, the Bills issued a statement on the matter.

A civil complaint was filed in October 2021. The review was in-depth. This is a civil case."

Whether the Bills keep Araiza on the roster will be determined by the investigation.