On a seemingly daily basis, NFL players are fined for various infractions.

However, one player is fighting back against what he considers an incorrect fine.

$5,305 was fined to George Odum. In the 49ers' game, his pants failed to cover his knees.

Odum disagrees. Odum posted a screenshot of the game along with the letter on Twitter.

Odum tweeted, "So I got fined 5K. Yeah, the NFL found something else. Where was it?"

It appears George Odum is mistaken for a teammate. Odum's knee isn't exposed.

It is likely that Odum's fine can be reversed if it is a case of mistaken identity. 

It's unlikely that the NFL would get any more egg on their faces if it's not.

He spent the first four seasons with the Indianapolis Colts before joining the 49ers. 

He signed a three-year, $10.95 million contract as a free agent.