India should be at the top of everyone's travel list. Because of our distinct culture and different landscapes, India has many things you can't do abroad.

Responsible tourism helps visitors comprehend Indian culture. Reality Tours & Travel offers Mumbai and Delhi slum tours to remove misconceptions.

10. Responsible tourism actions

Yoga and Ayurveda are popular in India. Traditional Indian medicine employs nature's healing abilities and focuses on the body-mind connection.

9. Experience with spirit and rejuvenation

India's spiritual festivals abound. Holi helps everyone feel like a youngster again. Or Diwali, Hindu New Year.

8. Festivals

Rajasthan, Central, and North India have Mogul and Maharaja sites. Towns and villages once had ruling families.

7. Book a spot in a 500-year-old palace

Who visits India? Culture apart. Their strategy? By knowing the people' mindset, traditions, and routines.

6. Away visits with local families

Goa is a great last-minute beach destination. Wide palm-lined beaches lead to village huts providing seafood and other specialties.

5. Beaches of goa

The Backwaters in Kerala, India, are a sanctuary of waterlily-covered lakes, little meandering canals, and surrounding smaller villages.

4. Houseboat in the kerala backwaters

Himalayas! This mountain range has the highest peaks in the globe. Here you'll see views so stunning you'll feel little.

3. Mountainous outdoor activities

India's national parks have beautiful vegetation and fauna. Visitors come to view the Bengal Tiger.

2. Safari for tigers at a national park

Some may claim it's apparent or overrated. It lost its magic due to heavy renovations and scaffolding.

1. Taj mahal in agra