The truth about Steve Harvey’s Wife, Marjorie Harvey

One of the most well-known comedians in the country, Steve Harvey is the star of many of the most watched daytime television programs in the country. The most noteworthy of these would be his own programs, such as the comedic talk show “Steve” and the legal-comedy program “Judge Steve Harvey,” as well as the hugely popular game show “Family Feud.” With five Daytime Emmy Awards from 12 nominations throughout the years, Steve has gotten high accolades for his roles. He has even received credit for “saving” the television show “Family Feud.”

Naturally, Steve’s personal life has also garnered a lot of attention. Many admirers of the well-liked comic are interested in learning more about his marriage to his third and present wife, which started in 2007. So who is Marjorie Harvey, née Bridges, Steve’s wife? As it turns out, the popular talk show host’s wife has had as significant an influence on society as her renowned husband.

According to Steve Harvey, his current wife Marjorie Harvey, and he may have fallen in love at first sight. They first connected, according to Steve, when Marjorie attended one of his comedy performances, perhaps around 2005. “She arrived in the front with her companion. When I saw her, my breathing stopped “said he. I didn’t even speak. Marjorie continued, saying that after many pauses, Steve finally addressed the crowd, “I’m so sorry. I have no idea who she is, but I intend to wed her.” Naturally, Steve’s predictions would turn out to be accurate.

Truth about Steve Harvey's Wife, Marjorie Harvey
The truth about Steve Harvey’s Wife, Marjorie Harvey

The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation, a nonprofit organization that prioritizes youth education, is currently administered by the couple together. On its website, the foundation claims that by offering educational enrichment, mentoring, life transformation skills, and international service activities, they “provide youth outreach services that assist create the next generation of responsible leaders.”

According to Atlanta TV station 11 Alive, the organization sponsored a special camp in rural Georgia for hundreds of fatherless boys where they were able to participate in a variety of activities, like fishing, that they most likely wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do otherwise. The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation also planned to offer $23,000 scholarships to eight Kent State University students the next year, according to The Source, Steve’s alma mater.

The marriage of Steve and Marjorie Harvey, who were previously wed to Marcia Harvey from 1981 to 1994 and Mary Shackelford from 1996 to 2005, is the third union for each of them, according to Parade. He married Marjorie just two years after his second divorce, and the two have been together for 15 years at this point. Steve even made a touching love letter to Marjorie public on the occasion of their most recent anniversary.

According to People, Marjorie’s three children from a previous marriage are three of Steve’s seven children, who he adopted as his own. Steve’s first marriage produced three of his biological children, including twins, and his second marriage produced his fourth child. Although Steve and Marjorie are not biologically related, they are ecstatic to be a mixed family. Harvey told the source that getting married to her was a “second chance”. “It was like being born again. In my life, I have made a lot of mistakes. She was the only difference-maker. You can do a lot when you are content at home.”

In an interview with Parade in 2014, Steve reaffirmed his devotion to Marjorie and couldn’t help but gush over his union with her, calling it “the most fulfilling thing that ever happened to me.” He called her “my soul mate and my best friend,” saying that she “gave me a life and a relationship that I didn’t know existed.”

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