Samvat 2080: Date, timing and importance and everything you need to know


Samvat 2080

Samvat 2080. Photo: Bloomberg

Samvat 2080 holds extraordinary importance in the Indian stock market, signalling the start of the new Hindu year or Vikram Samvat and a new beginning for investors.

The Vikram Samvat schedule is lunar, and the New Year usually starts with the celebration of Diwali. In this way, Samvat 2080 began around the hour of Diwali in 2023 as per the Gregorian schedule.

This year, Samvat 2080 started on November 12 and there is a ton of expectation among investors, and it is vital to know every detail regarding muhurat trading.

Muhurat Trading: Overview

Muhurat trading is also called auspicious exchanging. A one-hour trading session happens upon the arrival of Diwali, in the Indian stock exchange. It is viewed as a promising chance to invest into stocks, and numerous traders accept that it can bring abundance and prosperity.

Muhurat Trading: Importance

Muhurat Trading 2023 holds tremendous importance for most Indian investors and traders, as it denotes a promising event to begin new projects and welcome success into their monetary projects.

This interesting mix of custom and money lines up with the conviction that directing trades during this particular time, known as a “Muhurat,” can bring wealth and achievement.

During the last two muhurat trading sessions, the stock market has shut with positive increases. In 2022, both the Sensex and Nifty files rose by 0.88% during the one-hour trading session, while in 2021 they each acquired 0.49%.

Tips to remember while investing in Samvat 2080

Research widely – Before taking part in muhurat trading, completely research the stocks or areas you intend to invest. Search for organisations with solid basics and potential for development.

Realistic objectives – Put realistic investment objectives and assumptions for the Samvat. Try not to hope to make critical additions in a brief period.

Expand your portfolio- Broaden your portfolio by investing in various areas or asset classes. This assists in mitigating dangers and expands the possibilities of acquiring stable returns.

Watch out for the market- Even though muhurat trading is a short session, it is essential to remain refreshed with market news and patterns.

Control emotions – Try not to make impulsive trades in light of short-term market movements, as the festive season can fill you with emotions during this time. It is imperative to make investment decisions based on logic and analysis as opposed to emotions.

First Published: Nov 07 2023 | 5:44 PM IST


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