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Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama: The wealthy young heiress of the Li family, Lin Xin Tong is a stunning, upbeat, intelligent, and direct young woman. She has everything she could possibly want, even her loyal lover Chi Shan.

This naive young lady, however, must grow stronger when her family changes. She must not only overcome hardship but also the treachery of her boyfriend, Chi Shan, and her so-called best friend, Xia Yu Wei, a cunning hypocrite who appears to treat Lin Xin Tong like a sister but is genuinely envious and wants to steal everything from her.

Qin Mo Yao is an exceptionally talented medical student who excels in all of his endeavors. He is attractive, has a shrewd, icy, and enigmatic appearance, and would stop at nothing to keep Lin Xin Tong safe and assist her in secret.

  • Drama: Forever Love
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 30
  • Aired: Aug 31, 2023 – Sep 15, 2023
  • Genres: Romance, Drama

Where to Watch Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama

Forever Love Chinese Drama 2023 Where to Watch Free

Forever Love Episodes List

  • Forever Love (2023) Episode 1
  • Forever Love (2023) Episode 2
  • Forever Love (2023) Episode 3
  • Forever Love (2023) Episode 4
  • Forever Love (2023) Episode 5
  • Forever Love (2023) Episode 6
  • Forever Love (2023) Episode 7
  • Forever Love (2023) Episode 8
  • Forever Love (2023) Episode 9
  • Forever Love (2023) Episode 10
  • Forever Love (2023) Episode 11
  • Forever Love (2023) Episode 12
  • Forever Love (2023) Episode 13
  • Forever Love (2023) Episode 14
  • Forever Love (2023) Episode 15
  • Forever Love (2023) Episode 16
  • Forever Love (2023) Episode 17
  • Forever Love (2023) Episode 18
  • Forever Love (2023) Episode 19
  • Forever Love (2023) Episode 20
  • Forever Love (2023) Episode 21
  • Forever Love (2023) Episode 22
  • Forever Love (2023) Episode 23
  • Forever Love (2023) Episode 24
  • Forever Love (2023) Episode 25
  • Forever Love (2023) Episode 26
  • Forever Love (2023) Episode 27
  • Forever Love (2023) Episode 28
  • Forever Love (2023) Episode 29
  • Forever Love (2023) Episode 30

Forever Love Cast

Chen Fang Tong

Chen Fang Tong

Lin Xin Tong

Dai Gao Zheng

Dai Gao Zheng

Qin Mo Yao

Ma Xin Yu

Ma Xin Yu

Xia Yuwei

Hou Dong

Hou Dong

Chi Shan

Hu Xi Fan

Hu Xi Fan

Zhou Mo

Forever Love 2023 Ending & Recap (Spoilers Alert!)

The story of Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama ends happily. Mo Yao was cut but ultimately overcame Chi San’s soldiers in a fight. Mo Yao had to use more strength to save Xin Tong when she came and was kidnapped by Chi San. Because Mo Yao wanted Chi San to face the authorities, he stabbed him in a way that would guarantee his survival. Mo Yao stabbed Chi San and then fell into Xin Tong’s arms, sobbing in anguish.

The next scene shows Xin Tong getting ready to visit a graveyard with flowers. When she exits her house, Mo Yao welcomes her. He walks her to the car as the drama comes to a close. Thus, Mo Yao survived. The flowers sent as a condolence were intended for Yu Wei, who was slain earlier in Episode 28 by Chi San. The court condemned Chi San to death for his crimes in a narrative.

When Did The Couple Get Together?

In Episode 14, Xin Tong learned from Zhou Mo that Mo Yao had feelings for her. When Xin Tong drove Mo Yao away because she didn’t trust him, Zhou Mo was upset to see Mo Yao indulging in alcohol till he passed out. Zhou Mo then went up to Xin Tong and confided in her about Mo Yao’s affections for her. When Xin Tong asked Mo Yao about his emotions, he said that he liked her.

In Episode 18, Mo Yao urged Xin Tong to think about a meaningful relationship with him. In Episode 20, she gave him her response, and at that point, they were formally partnered.

When Did Xin Tong Discover Her Fiancee Is Cheating On Her?

After slipping and hitting her head on the bathtub in Episode 11, Xin Tong was able to see again in Episode 12. When she went to seek for him, she found Chi San in bed with Yu Wei. But after seeing them together, she feigned to be blind once more.

Did Xin Tong’s Father Harm Mo Yao’s Father?

No, Xin Tong’s father was not informed of the deception. The guilty party was Chi San’s father, who was employed by Xin Tong’s father. The strategy was planned and executed by both father and son.

In addition, Xin Tong’s father wanted Chi San to stop being with his daughter since he knew he was a bad man. In the study room of Xin Tong, Chi San assassinated his father. The entire event was being recorded by a covert camera, and Yu Wei managed to obtain a copy of it, which was shown to the public in Episode 27.

What Happened To Yu Wei?

In Episode 23, Chi San ended his relationship with Yu Wei because he had to reunite with Xin Tong since their scheme to seize control of her fortune had gone wrong. He held Yu Wei responsible. In Episode 27, Yu Wei informed Mo Yao about Chi San’s covert business, which was taking money from the conglomerate owned by Xin Tong’s father. However, she continued to possess the tape that would have demonstrated Chi San’s murder of Xin Tong’s father.

After Yu Wei gave Mo Yao access to his information, Chi San approached her. In Episode 28, he also demanded that she destroy the tape that would implicate him before killing her with a hammer. But when Zhou Mo found her dead, she had a copy of the recording in her hands.

Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama Passionate Kisses

Chinese operas are notorious for their subtle kissing, which may be grating at times since they’re so unrealistic. One of the rare dramas that will hold up when it comes to the kissing scenes is Forever Love 2023. Its sultry romanticism makes me think of The Forbidden Flower. Episode 25’s bed scene will make you feel hot and bothered. It is skillfully done and may become too much for some people to see. As previously said, in contrast to lengthy romance dramas like Fireworks Of My Heart and Hidden Love, you need it to draw viewers in for a short romance drama when the emotional depth is lacking.

Additionally, the male protagonist is really attractive, particularly in the parts where he wears no shirt. Another method to make the spectator think he’s hotter than he actually is is to show the female protagonist touching his body. This type of approach must be effective for people who want to witness passion and seduction in romantic films. However, if you don’t, it can backfire since it might come off as overt and hence unappealing, particularly in the absence of a compelling narrative.

Forever Love Images

Forever Love 2023
Download Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama Hindi Dubbed | Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama Where to Watch Free? 11
Download Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama Hindi Dubbed | Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama Where to Watch Free? 12
Download Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama Hindi Dubbed | Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama Where to Watch Free? 13
Download Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama Hindi Dubbed | Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama Where to Watch Free? 14

Cliche Web Drama with A Little Suspense

The plot of Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama won’t win it any accolades. Everything about it is predictable, from to end. The criminals are exposed up front, and you can be certain that they will suffer the proper penalty. The script as a whole lacks creativity as well. The drama does, however, begin with a certain amount of suspense, which I believe encourages people to keep watching.

This is due to the fact that at the start of the tale, it is unclear who the male lead is and how involved he is with the female lead’s father. As a result, it has a certain element of mystery that the audience is gradually made aware of.

For that reason, this little drama will pique the interest of certain people. While it is not excellent, it is sufficient to pass a few hours while amusing yourself. There are some obvious story gaps, albeit not as many or as obvious as in My Lethal Man. While not extremely intelligent, the female character is also not completely foolish.

She is faced with a realistic issue of whether or not to trust the guy, yet her character lacks the strength and confidence of a strong female lead. Aside from her wealth and maybe good appearance, she seems very average, which doesn’t exactly appeal to me.

Acting & Chemistry

Chen Fang Tong and Dai Gao Zheng both succeeded in creating a strong amount of chemistry in Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama, which elevated the drama. But it doesn’t seem to be as intense as Maid’s Revenge, in my opinion. Perhaps it’s because the environment and plot are different. Because of the man’s dominance over the female, which creates a certain amount of attraction in their interactions, Maid’s Revenge provides more opportunities for sexual misbehavior. So, I believe there may be a little letdown for those who want more intense chemistry in Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama. But the conclusion of this more recent play is unquestionably superior to Maid’s Revenge.

As a blind girl at the start of the drama, I believe Chen Fang Tong did a very good job acting. I think it’s compelling enough for a quick online series. In his bodyguard duty, Dai Gao Zheng is as attractive as ever. His flamboyant masculinity alone makes the dramatic moments worth the time invested.


Although, in my opinion, Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama is worth seeing through to the finish, you won’t come away thinking it was a fantastic production. It’s simple to finish the five to six hours of viewing, especially if you fast-forward a little. Similar to Love Of Replica, it’s made to capitalize on the stars’ obvious connection after their first cooperation proved to be successful. It’s not exactly the type of drama that aims to be excellent; rather, it’s just passable enough for quick, light entertainment.

Therefore, don’t expect a complex plot when you start this. Because of its brief duration, the narrative lacks emotional resonance and depth. The small amount of tension at the beginning and the protagonists’ chemistry, which builds to anticipation for their relationship, are what will compel you to remain and watch. Thus, if you enjoy their chemistry on TV, you’ll enjoy seeing this. But there won’t be much to remain for if you can’t see the flames between them.

I would give this Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama a 7 out of 10. I think it’s not too awful for a little drama. But since it’s a low-budget movie, I don’t have big hopes for it. While it lasts long enough to be interesting, there isn’t much to see again. Although the kisses are better than most, a more fulfilling romance would benefit from a stronger emotional connection. This is OK if you’re looking for some light entertainment or a filler drama. To get a high-caliber production, however, you should search elsewhere.

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